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PurposeLab empowers organizations by combining best practices in strategic management with creative methodologies to unlock strategic success. We specialize in providing individuals and businesses with a strategic planning model that enables the development of tailor-made strategies for organizations of any size.

Our founders and instructors have decades of experience in challenging and improving organizations. Their passion lies in equipping others with the skills to lead and transform their businesses. Today, PurposeLab has established a strong presence in Latin America and the United States and is growing rapidly. Join us in our mission to democratize innovative strategic planning for organizations everywhere.


What we do

We offer a range of services, including trainings,
in-person workshops, strategic guidance, and
self-paced courses, all designed to develop thought leaders in creative and innovative

Our model is designed to guide dynamic teams in developing creative solutions for their businesses. By following our model, your team can harness creativity and innovation to elevate your business to new heights.
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CORe principles


creative leadership

We believe in developing everyone's potential to lead creatively, inspire innovation, and drive transformative change within their organizations.

Lateral thinking

We focus on enhancing everyone's cognitive ability to think outside the box, encouraging lateral thinking to generate creative solutions and innovative approaches.

design thinking

We instill in every participant the ethos of design thinking, equipping them with the mindset and tools to develop new ways to solve problems.

Our Mission

You do not to be a strategy expert to design and implement innovative strategies. 

We are on a mission to democratize and revolutionize strategic design by placing the power of effective planning and creative problem-solving
into the hands of every organization, regardless of size or industry.
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Industrial and Systems Engineer with a master's degree in quality and productivity from ITESM

• 16+ years as responsible for the design of strategies and implementation of continuous improvement projects and strategic planning for national and international companies such as: AT&T, Bimbo, Banamex, Elementia, Bayer, Bosch, etc.
• THNKer (C16), by THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam.
Industrial Engineer with a master's degree in quality and productivity from the University of Montreal

• More than 16 years of experience as
a coach, consultant and instructor in strategic management and continuous improvement projects.
• Master Black Belt.
• Global experience in companies of
different sizes and sectors: food, energy, telecommunications, finance, insurance, manufacturing, logistics and others.
Industrial and Systems Engineer with a speciality in Productivity from the University of Munich, GER. 

• 20+ years of global experience in strategic planning.
• Master’s Degree in Corporate & Lean Management 4.0 
• Emerging Leaders Program by THNK School of Creative Leadership, Amsterdam.
• Senior Consultant, Coach and Instructor on Continuous Improvement and Organizational Change. 
• Member of various business councils.
Business Administration emphasis on sustainability from California State Polyetchnic University.

• More than 5 years experience designing and implementing organizational transformation projects.
• Coached 1000+ students in Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
• Training and developing organizational leders in project management. 
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  

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