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Discover a comprehensive approach to strategic planning, supported by a step-by-step framework centered around creative leadership, design thinking, and lateral thinking. 

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Not just any Strategy course

You'll discover how to design and execute strategies that directly impact an organization's vision and mission. Through our structured five step framework, you'll cultivate skills in creative leadership, lateral thinking, and design methodologies, enabling you to effectively address any organizational challenge. Join us and develop a solid foundation in innovation that sets you apart!

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  • Learn how to structure strategic plans.
  • Utilize various frameworks for developing focus areas.
  • Connect your philosophy to a visible future and develop a roadmap.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your business model and operations.
  • Arm your team with design thinking and lateral thinking exercises to spark fresh ideas.
  • Master the art of creative leadership to guide your team through these exercises.
  • Discover change management methodologies that will foster buy-in for your strategies.

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Who is the program aimed at?

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who seek to boost the results of their companies through innovation in business models, identifying opportunities from a creative approach and promoting collaboration between members of the organization.
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Who is the program aimed at?

Executives of small, medium, and large companies who wish to take a leadership position in the design or redesign of the direction of their organizations and become agents of strategic change.
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Who is the program aimed at?

Professionals interested in develop competencies and skills for innovation and strategic management, as well as their creativity in generating innovative strategies.


Our self-paced course is driven by our unique model, which integrates leading practices in strategic management with the latest innovative principles. 

This comprehensive approach is packaged into a seamless course designed to empower you in crafting an innovative strategy that propels organizations toward sustainable competitive advantage.
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01. Structure

Develop the foundation of your strategic plan by assessing your organizational hierarchy, defining a strategic model to guide the structure of your strategy, and explore frameworks that can help you define focus areas.

02. strategic DNA 

Establish a clear vision and mission, and leverage these guiding principles to craft a vivid and specific depiction of success. This will lay the foundation for constructing a comprehensive roadmap, complete with key milestones essential for delineating objectives within each defined focus areas.

03. Analysis

Perform a comprehensive analysis of your current state by examining your business model, value propositions, and key metrics in depth. Upon completion of this phase, you will have conducted both internal and external assessments, prioritizing risk mitigation and maximizing growth opportunities.

04. Formulation

Engage in a three-step process rooted in design thinking principles to cultivate new and innovative strategies. Begin by formulating a creative question, then explore it through various imaginative exercises to spark novel insights and solutions.

05. Execution

Craft a robust communication plan and governance system to effectively disseminate your strategy throughout your organization. Familiarize yourself with key change management frameworks to ensure consistency in messaging and implementation.
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Meet your instructors

Learn from the best, our instructors are experts in strategic management,
Its lessons will give you valuable knowledge applied to real-life cases.
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Managing & Strategy Partner

Industrial and Systems Engineer with a speciality in Productivity from the University of Munich, Germany and Master’s Degree in Corporate & Lean Management 4.0

• 20+ years of global experience
in strategic planning.
• Emerging Leaders Program by THNK
School of Creative Leadership, Amsterdam.
• Senior Consultant, Coach and Instructor
on Continuous Improvement
and Organizational Change.
• Member of various business councils.
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Strategist & Coaching Partner

Business Administration
emphasis on sustainability
from California State
Polyetchnic University.

• More than 5 years experience designing
and implementing organizational
transformation projects.
• Coached 1000+ students in Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
• Training and developing organizational leaders
in project management.
 • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  
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Frequently asked questions

Does the price refer to a single module or the entire course?

When you purchase a program, you have access to the entire course, which contains 20 modules.

Does the program have a diploma?

Of course, you will earn a diploma of completion, which means that you have successfully completed the training hours and completed all course tasks. All diplomas have a personal folio.

How long do I have to finish the program?

You have 3 months from the time you enroll, in approximately 60 hours of study. If you need a little more time to finish, write to us!

When does the program start?

This modality is at your own pace, so you can start as soon as you sign up. With an introductory session via Zoom (Monthly).

Does the program include live sessions?

The modality is based on MasterClass content at your own pace, but includes an introductory session via Zoom.
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