Ray Fletcher

Success story: Agrana

Agrana is a multinational organization headquartered in Austria, specializing in a wide array of agricultural and food industry products. Their offerings include fruit concentrates, fruit preparations, and customized solutions tailored for industries such as dairy, beverage, and confectionery.

Several Agrana divisions have consistently relied on Purpose Lab for strategic planning training and guidance. Agrana sought assistance from Purpose Lab to uncover the underlying factors contributing to organizational roadblocks and performance gaps. With the help of Purpose Lab, Agrana was able to structure a comprehensive strategy that would respond to threats and weaknesses.

In an extensive workshop with some of Agrana's leadership teams, our focus was on the 'Strategic Analysis' component of our model. Our objective was to conduct a thorough examination of Agrana's internal and external environment. Through a series of workshops, we guided Agrana's senior executives in identifying potential threats and weaknesses, enhancing the robustness of their strategic planning process.

During these sessions, we employed tools such as PESTEL analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and the Business Model Canvas. These tools allowed us to dissect areas impacting Agrana's profitability and generate insights to inform their strategic objectives and initiatives.
Following the presentation of findings and extensive discussion of the analysis, a dedicated team was tasked with formulating strategies and initiatives to address the identified threats. The outcome was promising, as Agrana successfully outlined key focus areas and projects aimed at mitigating the risks posed by these threats.
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