Diego Reyes

Success story: Rootmate

Rootmate, a forward-thinking planter design company, is revolutionizing the indoor décor landscape with its fresh and sustainable creations. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for innovation, Rootmate is experiencing rapid growth and seeks to solidify its strategic direction. 

Turning to PurposeLab for guidance, Rootmate embarked on a journey to define its vision and chart a path to success. Join us as we explore how Rootmate transformed its aspirations into reality through strategic collaboration.

Despite Rootmate's clear ambition to grow and innovate, the company faced a significant challenge due to the lack of organizational clarity. While they had numerous ideas and ongoing projects, the absence of a cohesive vision and clear objectives resulted in disorganization and uncertainty.

 Without a solid strategic foundation, Rootmate struggled to align their current initiatives and future plans with their overarching vision. This lack of definition hindered their ability to effectively chart a path toward their desired state of growth and impact.

Upon recognizing Rootmate's need for support in defining their vision, strategic structure, and objectives, our team embarked on a comprehensive solution. Our first step involved laying a robust foundation for their plan, which included defining a strategic model to guide the formulation of objectives, initiatives, and tactics.

During collaborative sessions with Rootmate's leadership team, we facilitated a comprehensive discovery process. Through innovative exercises such as ”Backcasting” and ”Scaling Ambassadors”, we guided Rootmate in defining a tangible vision connected by milestones, thus creating a solid roadmap to guide all decisions.
One particularly impactful exercise involved posing Creative Questions to the team to develop a shared image of the future, guiding the strategic planning process. We prompted them to envision themselves on the cover of a magazine, asking questions like, "If Rootmate were to achieve its vision, what magazine would feature the company on its cover? What would be the title, and what image would be displayed?" The team then physically created such cover using images and materials from various magazines, a powerful exercise that helped them define and visualize the envisioned future.

With this magazine exercise, we worked backward, asking what conditions needed to be true for Rootmate to reach the envisioned future. This process resulted in Rootmate developing a comprehensive roadmap, serving as the basis for identifying focus areas and strategic objectives.

By the end of our sessions, Rootmate meticulously crafted a compelling vision, mission, and set of values. Building on these fundamental components, they further refined and translated them into specific strategic objectives tailored to Rootmate's distinct needs and aspirations.
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